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Hello, and thank you for expressing interest in either joining me with Scentsy or by purchasing products from the best company in the business. 


My name is Julie and I am  a Director with Scentsy.  

My story is I joined Scentsy to get discounted bars back in August  2014.  Little did I know at this time that Scentsy would change my life and the life of my family in such a positive way.. 


Back in 2014, I invested my last $152 on my starter kit and I have never looked back.  I wanted to get some products for myself and my family.  Never did I think this amazing product would have such an amazing impact on my life! 


Little things like not having to worry about living pay check to pay check and taking my family on holidays regularly was all that I expected.  Scentsy has enabled me to do these things and more and with my help mentoring you, you can achieve your goals too and achieve financial freedom. 


I am committed to helping consultants globally and helping them achieve their goals no matter how little or big they may be.


How does free international holidays, lucrative compensation, and regular bonuses sound ?


I have made life long friends who I call family, and bettered my life!  After just 18 months with this business, I have been on an all expenses paid trip to Bali with my extended family.  I paid for airfares, accommodation, insurances, passports, limo and fees for 6 adults and 3 children for 2 and a half weeks, all from my Scentsy business.  In fact I have been to Bali 6 times in the past 2 years and planning on the next 2 trips next year.  Scentsy is paying for some of that too. What more could you want for $152 AUD / $99 USD? 


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There's not a better time to join!! 




Julie Styles


Independent Scentsy Consultant

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